-1600 Creation of the English company of the Eastern Indies

-1602 Creation of the Dutch company of the Eastern Indies

-1663 first transactions of tea

-1664 Creation of the French company of the Eastern Indies

The attraction of exoticism, the enthusiasm of consumption very early push Europeans towards the trade with Asia and the countries being on their path. The maritime and commercial expansion  was a source of power in Europe. Then Colbert had the idea of creating Trading Posts to import spices, materials; tea and coffea..

"Brest 2000" points out these sailing ships to us which sailed towards the East, in search of new discoveries and of exotic cargoes .

Marcel Kerjean has opened his shop 79 Siam street in Brest to make us discover these products which the sailors brought back at the risk of their lives . A long time ago, the ambassador of the Kingdom of Siam crossed the main street of Brest to meet the King of France. Since that time, this street was called Siam Street.